09 March 2011


Tourists are those people who travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited. The industry which works for tourism is tourism industry. Tourism has become a popular global leisure activity. In 2004, there were over 763 million international tourist arrivals. Tourism is vital for many countries, due to the income generated by the consumption of goods and services by tourists, the taxes levied on businesses in the tourism industry, and the opportunity for employment in the service industries associated with tourism. These service industries include transportation services such as cruise ships and taxis, accommodation such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, and other hospitality industry services such as spas and resort. It is based on natural beauty of any country and its promotion. It is the backbone of any country's economic position. It provides foreign exchange earning to the destination country.

v  Tourism raises the standard of living.
v  It generates new employment avenues to the native of the country.
v  It raises the living conditions of the citizens of the country.
v  It will be helpful in raising the GDP of the country.
v  Self employment gives a new boost to the country.
v  Infrastructure development is another advantage of tourism industry.
v  Cultural exchange is also possible only through tourism.
v  Preservation of our heritage is the key issue of tourism.

Conservation of flora and fauna is an important feature of tourism industry. Also, tourism have influence on tourist's religious viewpoint. Seeing place which is some religious root, surely strengthens pilgrims faith Perhaps the most important reason is the phenomenon of the Multiplier effect, which is: How many times money spent by a tourist circulates through the economy of the country. An example for the above could be as follow tourist spends his money in the hotel by dry-cleaning his cloths, eating in the restaurant etc. This money spent will increase revenues of the dry-cleaner and the restaurant owner, both will spend more on their supplies for their shop and for personal needs, which means that other businesses are going to benefit due to their increased profits by the tourist and so on. The development of the county's infrastructure; as it is so important to attract visitors and to provide them with a memorable visit that will lead to a positive word of mouth and a chance of re-visiting the country again. This also could be thought of from employment angle, as the infrastructure needs buildings, services, and transportation means and ways, all which means increase in the number of jobs for the locals. Another important factor for the importance of tourism is attracting foreign investors to invest in the country by showing them high potentials and an acceptable infrastructure to their businesses, all of the above which will lead to the increase of country's GDP which means the development of the country as a whole. Tourism provides employment to the citizens. It creates domestic employment. Promotes  craftsmanship. Provides foreign currency. In the long-run it leads to a lot of infrastructural development. Helps to raise GDP. Furthermore, tourism has become one of the world's major industries both developing and highly developed nations are now taking closer look.
 After all, country cannot be developed unless it  has short and long term strategy regarding tourism, and give knowledge to general public  about its importance.

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  1. Travel and Tourism industry is one of the largest industry globally,both in terms of size and development.In India,It creates more job than the traditional industries of agriculture and automobiles and accounts for 5.9% of GDP making it to the largest contributor after oil and gas industry.Informative post shared here.It helps to understand importance of tourism industry.Thanks for sharing
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